Advancing Nucleosynthesis in Self-consistent, Multidimensional Models of Core-Collapse Supernovae

James Harris, William Raphael Hix, Merek A. Chertkow, Stephen Bruenn, Eric Lentz, O. E. Bronson Messer, Anthony Mezzacappa, John Blondin, Pedro Marronetti, Konstantin N. Yakunin
2015 Proceedings of XIII Nuclei in the Cosmos — PoS(NIC XIII)   unpublished
We investigate core-collapse supernova (CCSN) nucleosynthesis in polar axisymmetric simulations using the multidimensional radiation hydrodynamics code CHIMERA. Computational costs have traditionally constrained the evolution of the nuclear composition in CCSN models to, at best, a 14-species α-network. Such a simplified network limits the ability to accurately evolve detailed composition, neutronization and the nuclear energy generation rate. Lagrangian tracer particles are commonly used to
more » ... end the nuclear network evolution by incorporating more realistic networks in post-processing nucleosynthesis calculations. Limitations such as poor spatial resolution of the tracer particles, estimation of the expansion timescales, and determination of the "mass-cut" at the end of the simulation impose uncertainties inherent to this approach. We present a detailed analysis of the impact of these uncertainties on post-processing nucleosynthesis calculations and implications for future models.
doi:10.22323/1.204.0099 fatcat:s4lft6x45nfwzb6fg3umofvtsi