The moderating role of personal culture on the relationship between retail brand personality and shoppers' loyalty: An evidence of supermarkets in Vietnam

Nguyen Le Thai Hoa
2020 Science & Technology Development Journal - Economics - Law and Management  
Nowadays, one of the most common trends in retail industry research is the attribution of human characteristics or traits to retail brands. The term "retail brand personality or retailer personality" was born with various definitions and measurement scales from different cultures. Therefore, this paper aims are (i) to develop retail brand personality measurement scale tailor-made for general supermarkets, the most popular retail format in Vietnam, (ii) to measure the impact of retail brand
more » ... f retail brand personality dimensions on shoppers' loyalty, and (iii) to investigate the moderating effects of personal cultural orientations on these relationships. The scale was developed through two stages: Item generation and item purification with the collected data on quota sampling of 403 shopping-goers, and then analyzed by SEM and MSEM method (Moderated structural equation modeling).The results indicated that retail brand personality consisted of four dimensions: Reliability, Sophistication, Modern, and Family-oriented, significantly found to impact on shoppers' loyalty, in which Sophistication and Reliability were the strongest. More interestingly, the moderating role of personal cultural orientations in these regards was greatly identified. Particularly, shoppers with high independence culture highly appreciated the relationship between Sophistication and Modern dimensions and shoppers' loyalty whereas shoppers with high Interdependence culture only supported for the impact of Reliability on loyalty. However, both personal culture orientations were found not be significantly related directly to the loyalty. The findings may help retailers and marketers come up with more effective marketing solutions in terms of enhancing symbolic values for their retail brands and adjust their integrated marketing and communication activities accordingly. This paper has a significant contribution of exploring the moderating role of personal cultural orientations on the relationship between retail brand personality and shoppers' loyalty by the new analysis methodology - MSEM.
doi:10.32508/stdjelm.v3i4.574 fatcat:r5n4thd6oreqbnw5uefkimzmom