MicrobeWorld Radio and Communications Initiative [report]

Barbara Hyde
2006 unpublished
The funding of this grant has supported the consultant services of Finger Lakes Productions International (FLPI) for partial support of production and distribution of the MicrobeWorld daily radio/podcast series on behalf of the American Society for Microbiology. The $75,000 requested represents approximately 19% of the total annual production budget for 260 90-second radio features (5 days weekly x 52 weeks = 260). The $75,000 level of support entitles DOE to 50 program credits annually
more » ... mately 19% of the total number of annual programs), editorial input, and representation on the MicrobeWorld Advisory Board. The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) is sponsoring this series to increase awareness and appreciation of microbiology among the general public. The ASM Communications Director (Principal Investigator) and the ASM Project Manager are supported financially entirely by ASM. The ASM selects and provides story and background material to FLPI. Both ASM and FLPI interview scientists featured on the series. FLPI then prepares the scripts, which are reviewed and revised as necessary by members of the MicrobeWorld Advisory Board prior to FLPI's recording and distributing the CDs with monthly program compilations.
doi:10.2172/895401 fatcat:o4tvwydj5rhnhjrfnik3wmp3ny