Vision Analysis System for Autonomous Landing of Micro Drone

Marcin Skoczylas
2014 Acta Mechanica et Automatica  
This article describes a concept of an autonomous landing system of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). This type of device is equipped with the functionality of FPV observation (First Person View) and radio broadcasting of video or image data. The problem is performance of a system of autonomous drone landing in an area with dimensions of 1m × 1m, based on CCD camera coupled with an image transmission system connected to a base station. Captured images are scanned and landing marker is detected.
more » ... this purpose, image features detectors (such as SIFT, SURF or BRISK) are utilized to create a database of keypoints of the landing marker and in a new image keypoints are found using the same feature detector. In this paper results of a framework that allows detection of defined marker for the purpose of drone landing field positioning will be presented.
doi:10.2478/ama-2014-0036 fatcat:cpsrejtitjhexdvjs5kkdk2epm