The late Sir Frederic Eve

1916 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
MHX)IC,LL~J o.NL DEC 0,ig M.D.Durh. in 1882. He devoted himuself to his work to a degree remarkable even in a medical piactitioner; regu larly, day after day, he began at 8 a.m. and rarely finished till 9 p.mi.; lie never allowed hjimself to miss a day or part of a day-througli sickness (lurin, the whole of the fifty years in Preston till witlhin two weeks of hlis deatlh. His favourite recreations -were walking, cycling, and reading. He spent many of hiis shlort summner liolidays in the Lake
more » ... strict, and at S8 tlhouglht notlhing of ascending ;Scawfell Pilke by the Piers Glhyll route. He lhad a wide knowledge of English literature, and was especially fond of poetry, and hiistory. He was a very old member of the Britislh Medical Association and had been president of the local Branch. He was a inan of quiet, unassuming, and reserved manner, but none the less lhad great determination and strengtlh of mind. He lhad a large practice and was much respected in hlis town, especially by thle poorer classes, amongst whon lle did a great deal of charitable work in his characteristic, unostentatious manner.
doi:10.1136/bmj.2.2922.922 fatcat:4qfdusmffjbkvd2opa3yrshuru