Zhenhao Pan, Yaozu Dong, Yu Chen, Lei Zhang, Zhijiao Zhang
2012 SIGPLAN notices  
Live migration is one of the most important features of virtualization technology. With regard to recent virtualization techniques, performance of network I/O is critical. Current network I/O virtualization (e.g. Para-virtualized I/O, VMDq) has a significant performance gap with native network I/O. Pass-through network devices have near native performance, however, they have thus far prevented live migration. No existing methods solve the problem of live migration with pass-through devices
more » ... ctly. In this paper, we propose CompSC: a solution of hardware state migration that will enable the live migration support of passthrough devices. We go on to apply CompSC to SR-IOV network interface controllers. We discuss the attributes of different hardware states in pass-through devices and migrate them with corresponding techniques. Our experiments show that CompSC enables live migration on an Intel 82599 VF with a throughput 282.66% higher than para-virtualized devices. In addition, service downtime during live migration is 42.9% less than para-virtualized devices.
doi:10.1145/2365864.2151040 fatcat:rnesnsaagzg73pp3mr3ekcgpay