Al- jahiz Vision in Umayyad era

Sulaiyam Mohammed Al hinai
2017 Journal of Arts and Social Sciences  
The study seeks to highlight the role played by the Al- jahiz in the presentation of historical novels about the Umayyads, these novels by Al- jahiz himself from the rest of history, literature and other books, the study also explores the factors that contributed to the entry of the Umayyad dynasty in particular conflicts in the last years of the Umayyad state. The study addresses to highlight the role of Al- jahiz in writing the Umayyad state and how it was to the closeness of the Abbasid
more » ... hate reflection on his writings about the Umayyad dynasty. The study also explores the approach that was followed by most of the history book and Al- jahiz position of many of the writings and novels when streamlines and analyzes and be critic. The study is based on the historical method and descriptive analytical approach in the presentation and discussion of the results through analysis of previous studies, and research will be added due to the lack of scientific research that dealt with the history of the Umayyad dynasty through literature.
doi:10.24200/jass.vol8iss1pp103-113 fatcat:bab24zrvw5dgfjz7a4yavmwpui