A New Web Usage Mining Approach for Website Recommendations Using Concept Hierarchy and Website Graph

T. Vijaya Kumar, H. S. Guruprasad, Bharath Kumar K. M., Irfan Baig, Kiran Babu S.
2014 International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering  
To have a clear and well organized website have become one of the primary objectives of enterprises and organizations. Website administrators may want to know how they can attract visitors, which pages are being accessed most/least frequently, which part of website is most/least popular and need enhancement, etc. Of late, the rapid growth of the use of Internet has made automatic knowledge extraction from server log files a necessity. Analysis of server log data can provide significant and
more » ... l information. Information provided can help to find out user intuition. This can improve the effectiveness of the Web sites by adapting the information structure to the users' behavior. Most of the Web Usage Mining techniques use Server log files as raw data to produce the user navigation patterns. Along with the server access log file, we incorporate Website knowledge (i.e., Concept hierarchy and Website Graph) into the web usage mining phases. This incorporation can lead to superior patterns. These patterns can be used to provide set of recommendations for the web site which can be deployed by web site administrator for website enhancement. In this paper, we have considered the server log files of the Website www.enggresources.com for overall study and analysis. Index Terms-Concept based website graph, concept hierarchy, web mining, web usage mining, website graph.
doi:10.7763/ijcee.2014.v6.796 fatcat:wnqo7evkgbeqdft7ld3pdcjbpi