Context aware saliency map generation using semantic segmentation [article]

Mahdi Ahmadi, Mohsen Hajabdollahi, Nader Karimi, Shadrokh Samavi
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Saliency map detection, as a method for detecting important regions of an image, is used in many applications such as image classification and recognition. We propose that context detection could have an essential role in image saliency detection. This requires extraction of high level features. In this paper a saliency map is proposed, based on image context detection using semantic segmentation as a high level feature. Saliency map from semantic information is fused with color and contrast
more » ... ed saliency maps. The final saliency map is then generated. Simulation results for Pascal-voc11 image dataset show 99% accuracy in context detection. Also final saliency map produced by our proposed method shows acceptable results in detecting salient points.
arXiv:1801.00256v2 fatcat:35xwt5ewmrcwfgvqmtdsljbhcy