FAAD: A Self-Optimizing Algorithm for Anomaly Detection

Adeel Hashmi, Tanvir Ahmad
2019 ˜The œinternational Arab journal of information technology  
Anomaly/Outlier detection is the process of finding abnormal data points in a dataset or data stream. Most of the anomaly detection algorithms require setting of some parameters which significantly affect the performance of the algorithm. These parameters are generally set by hit-and-trial; hence performance is compromised with default or random values. In this paper, the authors propose a self-optimizing algorithm for anomaly detection based on firefly meta-heuristic, and named as Firefly
more » ... ithm for Anomaly Detection (FAAD). The proposed solution is a non-clustering unsupervised learning approach for anomaly detection. The algorithm is implemented on Apache Spark for scalability and hence the solution can handle big data as well. Experiments were conducted on various datasets, and the results show that the proposed solution is much accurate than the standard algorithms of anomaly detection.
doi:10.34028/iajit/17/2/16 fatcat:dxrwfmcgpnfs3cctsw3u4yxxhu