RADEC (Reading, Answering, Demonstrating, Explaining, and Creating) in LMS to Teach Tennis without Field Practicing

Aam Ali Rahman, Ayi Suherman, Dewi Susilawati, Gilang Pratama Putra
2020 Universal Journal of Educational Research  
The learning obstacles stimulate learning practitioners and researchers to find and to analyze the most proper and fitter learning methodology and approach of the most effective learning. One of the education obstacles currently happens is the Covid-19 pandemic that prevents direct interaction between lecturers and students. As the direct interaction between lecturers and students was mostly used as the learning approach, this pandemic makes inevitable learning processes inevitable. However,
more » ... itable. However, RADEC (Reading, Answering, Demonstrating, Explaining, Creating) in LMS allows lecturers to teach Tennis without field practicing. To analyze the effectiveness, 63 participants were employed and grouped into control (30 participants) and the experimental group (33 participants). The independent sample t-test for both cognitive and practical achievements was used to analyze the data. The significant results of sig. (2-tailed) are 0.103 for cognitive, 0.547 for practical, and 0.541 for a total with α=0.05. All of the results are higher than α=0.05. It means that all null-hypothesis is accepted. It can be concluded that there is no significant difference between conventional tennis teaching and RADEC in LMS. In other words, RADEC in LMS can be one of the alternative methods of teaching Tennis during this pandemic that prevents direct teaching and learning process. In general, this research serves other teaching practical innovations, especially for teaching Tennis using LMS without a direct learning process.
doi:10.13189/ujer.2020.081146 fatcat:z2ezs5p4rzffhpvkztgvylnula