Person Re-Identification by Low-Dimensional Features and Metric Learning

Xingyuan Chen, Huahu Xu, Yang Li, Minjie Bian
2021 Future Internet  
Person re-identification (Re-ID) has attracted attention due to its wide range of applications. Most recent studies have focused on the extraction of deep features, while ignoring color features that can remain stable, even for illumination variations and the variation in person pose. There are also few studies that combine the powerful learning capabilities of deep learning with color features. Therefore, we hope to use the advantages of both to design a model with low computational resource
more » ... nsumption and excellent performance to solve the task of person re-identification. In this paper, we designed a color feature containing relative spatial information, namely the color feature with spatial information. Then, bidirectional long short-term memory (BLSTM) networks with an attention mechanism are used to obtain the contextual relationship contained in the hand-crafted color features. Finally, experiments demonstrate that the proposed model can improve the recognition performance compared with traditional methods. At the same time, hand-crafted features based on human prior knowledge not only reduce computational consumption compared with deep learning methods but also make the model more interpretable.
doi:10.3390/fi13110289 fatcat:u6bfeypilvbvtpkoojqfyqc7zq