Overview of the Ninth Annual Meeting of the BioLINK SIG at ISMB: Linking Literature, Information and Knowledge for Biology [chapter]

Christian Blaschke, Lynette Hirschman, Hagit Shatkay, Alfonso Valencia
2010 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
About BioLINK With the increasing availability of textual information related to biological research, such information has become an important component of many bioinformatics applications. Much recent work aims to develop practical tools to facilitate the use of the literature for annotating the vast amounts of molecular data, including gene sequences, transcription profiles and biological pathways. The broad area of biomedical text mining is concerned with using methods from natural language
more » ... rocessing, information extraction, information retrieval and summarization to automate knowledge discovery from biomedical text. In the biomedical domain, research has focused on several complex text-based applications, including the identification of relevant literature (information retrieval) for specific information needs, the extraction of experimental findings for assistance in building biological knowledge bases, and summarization -aiming to present key biological facts in a succinct form. Automated natural language processing (NLP) began in 1947 with the introduction of the idea of machine translation by Warren Weaver, and work on automated (still mechanical) dictionary lookup for translation by Andrew Booth [2, 7] . This work was continued throughout the 1950s in research on automatic translation by Bar Hillel, Garvin and others. In the 1950s, work on transformational grammars by Zellig Harris [3], formed the basis for computational linguistics, which was continued by Noam Chomsky, relating natural languages to formal grammars. The field made rapid progress starting in the late 1980s, thanks to a series of conferences focused on evaluation of text mining and information extraction systems: the Message Understanding Conferences (MUCs).
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