Göktuğ ŞAHİN- Hatice Gül ÖNDER
2021 the Journal of Academic Social Sciences  
The European Union (EU) aims to provide solutions to climate change, which is experienced on a global scale and cause serious environmental problems, and also to lead globally in terms of sustainable green transformation. In line with this goal, "The European Green Deal" was realized by the European Commission in order to solve global climate and environmental problems. The EU targets to transform the European Union and other countries in a fair and competitive environment with zero greenhouse
more » ... as emissions by 2050 with the European Green Deal. It is correspondingly obvious that this transformation would reveal some impacts and opportunities for Turkey that is in the EU accession process. In this study; the waste management, greenhouse gas emissions and the potential impacts for Turkey within the scope of the European Green Deal are evaluated and recommendations offered. Moreover, benefitting the action research study, the European Green Deal within the scope of waste emissions, the effects on the European Union and Turkey have been analyzed in a comparative way with an analytical perspective. According to the analysis, it has been demonstrated that Turkey should perform detailed and objective assessments on waste management in order to seize the potential opportunities and take effective measures against the undesirable effects within the scope of the European Green Deal. In this study, the European Green Deal has been examined amongst the effects of greenhouse gas emissions in line with the waste management field for Turkey which is a new phenomenon that hasn't been demonstrated in the academic literature. Consequently, it is aimed to contribute both the national and international academic literature in this field.
doi:10.29228/asos.47802 fatcat:yngcoogwznh6rmsc355sm77rrq