Anomaly mediated supersymmetry breaking without R-parity

F. de Campos, M.A. Dı́az, O.J.P. Éboli, M.B. Magro, P.G. Mercadante
2002 Nuclear Physics B  
We analyze the low energy features of a supersymmetric standard model where the anomaly--induced contributions to the soft parameters are dominant in a scenario with bilinear $R$--parity violation. This class of models leads to mixings between the standard model particles and supersymmetric ones which change the low energy phenomenology and searches for supersymmetry. In addition, $R$--parity violation interactions give rise to small neutrino masses which we show to be consistent with the
more » ... tent with the present observations.
doi:10.1016/s0550-3213(01)00618-6 fatcat:qqrnfmtnuvd6rg2npv2bs7n4t4