Electrohydrodynamic motor for tiny vessels

F.M. Moesner, P.S. Buhler, D.C. Politano, P.V. Prati
Proceedings of IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics  
Various publications about pumps utilizing electric traveling waves as the conveyor of liquids have been presented. In these considerations, a dielectric liquid has been chosen as the media to propel. Inversely, it is conceivable to use pumps as propulsion motors for tiny vessels. Hereinafter, the proposed electrohydrodynamic (EHD) motor is based on the electric tube device which has been introduced in an earlier paper by the first author for the task of particle mass transportation [1,2]. The
more » ... rtation [1,2]. The device is made by winding 6 parallel and insulated wires to a cylindrical tube. The employed wires have a diameter in the range of 56 µ m 2 36 µ m. Upon the application of multi-phase voltages to the electrodes, the created traveling electric field wave carries the charged liquid in the same direction. Various EHD propulsion motors have been fabricated and optimized through a series of experiments. Optimizing parameters involve electrode-dimensions, fabrication materials, applied voltages and frequencies. As evaluative parameters, the propulsion pressure and the rate of liquid flow is determined. Constant and precise liquid propulsion is achieved. It is further shown that this tube structure has a high potential for miniaturization.
doi:10.1109/aim.1997.652930 fatcat:mm2k2uszo5ddpkv5stalvdxqia