Diffusive Representation: A Powerful Method to Analyze Temporal Signals from Metal-Oxide Gas Sensors Used in Pulsed Mode

Cyril Tropis, Nicolas Dufour, Germain Garcia, Gerard Montseny, Chaabane Talhi, Frédéric Blanc, Bernard Franc, Philippe Menini
2021 Electronics  
The main objective of this work was to find the most efficient method to interpolate metal oxide gas sensor used in a pulsed-temperature operating mode. This pulsed thermal profile is obtained by applying 6 power steps of 2 s each on the heater resistor. The experimental values of the sensing layer resistance, with a sampling time of 4ms, were interpolated by using two different static methods: a polynomial modelling and a neural network modelling, and one dynamic method: the diffusive
more » ... ation. Then, the results have been compared in terms of precision and number of useful output data, as minimum as possible for high performance and rapid data treatment which is great of interest in embedded systems. The best results are obtained with the diffusive representation; it allows converting 500 measurements into 11 output coefficients.
doi:10.3390/electronics10212578 fatcat:wf2umyc2brhiljdlo2vq2ywmki