Auxetic metamaterials and structures

GAO Yu-kui
2021 Journal of Materials Engineering  
Auxetic metamaterials and structures have excellent mechanical properties such as shear resistance, impact resistance, fracture resistance, energy absorption and vibration isolation, permeability variability, synclastic curvature in bending, etc. Auxetic metamaterials have broad application prospects in the fields of aerospace, navigation, mechanical automation, biomedicine, national defense and military and textile industry. Based on the deformation mechanism of auxetic metamaterials and
more » ... ure, the physical models of re-entrant mechanism, rotating rigid mechanism, chiral/antichiral mechanism, fibril/nodule mechanism, miura-folded mechanism, buckling-induced mechanism, helical auxetic yarn structure were reviewed. These models can be widely applied in various engineering applications such as light laminated plates, fluid transportation and yarn to improve their properties. Finally, prospects to the upcoming challenges and progress trends of auxetic metamaterials and structures are made.It is pointed out that the application of negative Poisson's ratio effect can help compensate the change of volume and area under the deformation of uniaxial loading. Then the shock resistance of turbine blade, antenna and car suction box can be improved. As a result, this review can provide benefits for the development of auxetic metamaterials.
doi:10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2019.000391 doaj:695f41f823014a94b298bc4da333ef88 fatcat:5yqun7h7izbgjofim5gjloiar4