Thales Henrique Gomes Déa, Rodrigo Francisco Borges Lourenco, Rafael de Oliveira Silva, Michael Dowglas de Gois Silva, Fábio Roberto Chavarette, Roberto Outa
2022 Colloquium Exactarum  
Rotating machines in motion usually produce dynamic forces that diffuse to the ends that support them, such efforts can lead to disadvantageous reactions to the operation of the machine, as well as unbalance or misalignment that can damage the shaft-rotor assembly or the elements directly linked to it. The objective of this project is to develop a mechanical and experimental system that enables the testing and data acquisition of a rotating machine and build a computational algorithm to
more » ... amplitude and velocity diagrams as a function of time and compare the dynamic behavior of a vibrational bench, in normal and unbalanced condition.
doi:10.5747/ce.2021.v13.n3.e365 fatcat:c34u44hbffhgzn34o5uc3ldoou