Gesture Acquisition and Recognition of Sign Language

Shubhra Shree, Ashok Sahoo
2017 International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
Differently abled people face a variety of different issue and problems that cut them off from their surroundings. Regardless of all the advancement, we cannot ignore the fact that the conditions provided by the society for the deaf and hard hearing are still far from being perfect. The communication with deaf and hard hearing by means of written text is not as efficient as it might seem at first. This paper discusses sign recognition with particular emphasis on surveying relevant techniques
more » ... m the areas of recognition approach, problems tackled and hand tracking which can be applied to each task. The main purpose is to help communication between two groups of people, one hearing impaired and one without any hearing disabilities so that the literate deaf and dumb people will get equal position in our society. Sign Language Recognition has become an active area of research nowadays. Existing challenges and future research possibilities are also highlighted.