Experiences of Cement Industry in India

2018 International Journal of Research in Geography  
At present, the Indian Cement Industry (ICI) is spread all over the country, from north to south and east to west with most modern cement plants with latest technologies. There are about 84 large cement companies, which operate about 221 cement plants with an aggregate cement capacity of 444 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) as of . The ICI plays a pivotal role in the national economy. It is a cyclical commodity with a high correlation with GDP, generating substantial revenue for government both
more » ... or government both state and central as well as a source of employment opportunities. Cement is the basic building material in India and is used extensively in urban housing, industrial sector and developing infrastructure. Consumption of cement is taken to be an indicator of economic development. The greater the infrastructure growth of a country, greater will be the consumption of cement. But nowadays ICI facing certain difficulties like under capacity utilization, inadequate machinery, operating cost, inefficiency of operations, infrastructure problems etc. The removal of these barriers can help the industry to the progress its performance in the future. The present study was designed to investigate the growth of ICI since 2011, in the terms of growth of plants, installed capacity, production, consumption as well as problems and prospects. This study is purely based on secondary data. The secondary data were collected for a period of 6 financial years (2011)(2012)(2013)(2014)(2015)(2016) from the data base made available and maintained by various agencies, organizations, annual reports of companies etc for the purpose of periodical analysis of the industry. In order to effective study of ICI the technique of graphical presentation of data is used, which facilitates to understand the performance of the industry. In the end of the present study some implications and conclusion were incorporated.
doi:10.20431/2454-8685.0402007 fatcat:gggr5evu55dv7meryyvqrj5via