Motion of the nanodrops driven by energy gradient on surfaces with different microstructures

Zhang Kai, Lu Yong-Jun, Wang Feng-Hui
2015 Wuli xuebao  
In recent years, the motion of nanodroplets on energy gradient surface on a microscale has attracted widespread attention, however, experimental studies are still irrealizable. In this work, the motions of nanodroplets driven by the energy gradient on surfaces with different microstructures are studied by molecular dynamics method. The results show that: the groove-shaped and post-shaped microstructures can remarkably enhance the motion efficiency of the nanodroplets, while the nail-shaped
more » ... structures decrease the motion efficiency, despite they can achieve a stable hydrophobicity. The hybrid microstructures composed of groove-shaped and nail-shaped textures inherit both the advantages of the two microstructure, which not only enhances the motion efficiency of nanodroplets, but also increases the hydrophobic stability. Furthermore, small change in surface energy can significantly affect the velocity of nanodroplet.
doi:10.7498/aps.64.064703 fatcat:5xreknvj5fd3zh4k3hds55a6ba