169 Vitamin d supplementation for adults with advanced cancer: impact on quality of life, pain and fatigue

Saskie Dorman
2018 Poster presentations   unpublished
Data were extracted and checked by two authors. Cochrane Collaboration guidelines assessed bias risk in 6-domains. GRADE criteria rated overall evidence. Results Six papers were identified (including two from previous review), outlining five RCTs and two n-of-1 trials. Five used MPD alone and two MPD as adjunct to mirtazapine or SSRI, for a total of 229 patients. Trials compared MPD to placebo or desipramine. Small sample sizes and poor recruitment meant all trials were at high bias risk.
more » ... unately, trials were heterogeneous and meaningful meta-analysis could not be performed. Most trials showed a trend toward effectiveness, however results were frequently not statistically significant. One recent trial found no evidence of effect. Methylphenidate was generally well-tolerated. Conclusion There remains no conclusive evidence as to whether methylphenidate is an effective antidepressant in PC cohorts. REFERENCE 1. Candy, et al. Psychostimulants for depression. Cochrane Database 2008;(2): CD006722.
doi:10.1136/bmjspcare-2018-aspabstracts.196 fatcat:33qq22xgf5enpm2nelrkkbqghm