Taking into account Chinese students' cognitive and psychological characteristics while teaching Russian grammar

Yu Sun
2020 Samara Journal of Science  
This paper aims to discuss the problem of nationally oriented teaching of Russian grammar to Chinese students. The author analyzes the works that are devoted to the study of Chinese students cognitive and psychological characteristics. The analysis revealed specific learning strategies that Chinese students use when learning a foreign language. When training a mono-ethnic group, the national-oriented approach is considered optimal. To implement this approach, a comparative analysis of systems
more » ... alysis of systems of contacting languages is necessary to determine the zones of interlanguage and intralanguage interferences. The most important factor in the effectiveness of the educational process is the adequacy of the teachers ideas about students from different regions. The author concludes that in order to maintain motivation for mastering the Russian language and optimize the learning process as a whole when developing curricula and class books for Chinese students, it is necessary to strive to make the learning process not only effective, but also as comfortable as possible for students. Taking into account Chinese students cognitive and psychological characteristics will not only contribute to the development of strong grammar skills, but will also ensure the development of oral speech skills in Russian. The paper provides recommendations for intensifying the process of teaching Russian grammar to Chinese students. The following research methods were used: a comparative analysis, an analysis and a synthesis.
doi:10.17816/snv202091312 fatcat:imabw62rdzfe7ld3pdku3mkdmu