Towards Tethered Tool Manipulation Planning with the Help of a Tool Balancer

Daniel Sanchez, Weiwei Wan, Kensuke Harada
2020 Robotics  
Handling and maneuvering tools across a robot workspace is a challenging task that often requires the implementation of constrained motion planning. In the case of wired or tethered tools, their maneuvering becomes considerably harder by the tool cable. If the cable presence is not considered, the robot motions may make the cable become entangled with the robot arms or elements of its workspace, causing accidents or unnecessary strain on the robot and the tool. Furthermore, the behavior of the
more » ... ool cable during manipulation and its degree of entanglement around the robot are difficult to predict. The present paper introduces a constrained manipulation planner for dual-armed tethered tool manipulation involving tool re-grasping. Our solution employs a tool balancer to straighten the tool cable and facilitate the cable deformation problem. The planner predicts the cable states during manipulation and restricts the robot motions in order to avoid cable entanglements and collisions while performing tool re-posing tasks. Furthermore, the planner also applies orientational constraints to limit the cable bending, reducing the torque and stress suffered by the robot due to the cable tension. Simulations and real-world experiments validated the presented method.
doi:10.3390/robotics9010011 fatcat:d5gzgt3xg5ctlmvydqakjqhfju