Sawflies from northern Ecuador and a checklist for the country (Hymenoptera: Argidae, Orussidae, Pergidae, Tenthredinidae, Xiphydriidae)

Jean-Luc Boevé, Diego F. Domínguez, David R. Smith
2018 Journal of Hymenoptera Research  
An illustrated list of species of sawflies collected in northern Ecuador, mainly during the end of 2016, is given. Manaosmulsus (Konow, 1906), Ptenosdelta (Malaise, 1957), Scobinastyx Malaise, 1949 (Argidae), Strombocerossuppar Konow, 1903 and Strombocerossutilis Konow, 1903 (Tenthredinidae) are species new for the country. A checklist of species for the country is also provided. Approximately 120 species of Symphyta are known from Ecuador, 25 Argidae, 1 Orussidae, about 40 Pergidae, about 60 Tenthredinidae, and 3 Xiphydriidae.
doi:10.3897/jhr.64.24408 fatcat:b5zivkpmxncrhphsmcr7j5ztja