The Synchronism of hands' movement during the serve process on professional tennis players

Mavvidis, Mavvidis, Ntinopoulos, Dallas
2015 65 International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health   unpublished
The present study deals with the recording of the synchronism of the movement of the two hands during serve, from the moment the ball leaves the athlete's hand up to the moment the ball contacts the racquet with the other hand. The participants consisted of 48 (23 men and 25 women) athletes who ranked in the first 50 positions according to the official world classification. The results revealed that the mean time of synchronism of the first serve is higher than that of the second serve
more » ... cond serve (0.9514/0.9257 sec for men and 1.0168/1.0072 sec for women) with this difference being statistically significant (p<.05). Furthermore, although a gender effect exists, it was not statistically significant at the timing of the first serve, while it was close to the statistically significant difference at the second serve (p=.055).