OP0102 Patient reported benefits of sarilumab monotherapy versus adalimumab monotherapy in adult patients with active rheumatoid arthritis

V Strand, L Gossec, C Proudfoot, C Chen, M Reaney, S Guillonneau, T Kimura, J van Adelsberg, Y Lin, E Mangan, H van Hoogstraten, GR Burmester
2017 Oral Presentations   unpublished
Scientific Abstracts was 64% lower among pts treated with ABA vs placebo. After adjusting for heterogeneity across studies, the frequency (95% CI) of OI remained lower for the ABA group (0.15% [0.06, 0.42] vs the placebo group (0.48% [0.22, 1.04]). Conclusions: Abatacept-treated pts had a lower incidence rate of OI compared with placebo. The OI and herpes infection incidence rates in the cumulative data are similar or lower to those reported in the literature.
doi:10.1136/annrheumdis-2017-eular.2955 fatcat:7ga4u6kmezfrhmfgktvrierqwe