Realizing Integral Field Spectroscopy in the Far‐Infrared

Leslie W. Looney, Walfried Raab, Albrecht Poglitsch, Norbert Geis
2003 Astrophysical Journal  
The optical design of an integral field spectrometer for far-infrared observations, the Far-Infrared Field-Imaging Line Spectrometer (FIFI LS), is presented. The instrument will fly on board the joint NASA/DLR airborne observatory SOFIA, observing in two nearly independent wavelength channels simultaneously: a blue channel (40-105 lm) and a red channel (105-210 lm). To achieve instantaneous integral field spectroscopy for the first time in the far-infrared, a novel reflective image slicer
more » ... image slicer system is utilized that slices the 5 Â 5 pixel, two-dimensional field of view into a pseudo-long slit of 25 Â 1 pixels. The slicer assembly consists of three sets of five mirrors that have optical power, enabling a compact design. After the sky field has been optically rearranged to the pseudoslit, the image is spectrally dispersed in a standard Littrow-mounted reflective grating spectrometer. The practical concerns for the optical design in the far-infrared and, in particular, the significant effect of diffraction in the entire optical system is discussed.
doi:10.1086/378225 fatcat:ht7yy2xjpjgrpaqy2wxfgkndjm