Rohit Kasturi, Naik
NCRD's Business Review : e-Journal   unpublished
If the employees are creating unique experience for the customers then what should the role of management be? Then the role of management is to encourage, enthuse and enable the employee who create the differential unique value for the customers and deliver the same to the customers. This is how the idea of Employee first and customer second is born. So organization's must realize that employee first and customer second is not a social change but in line with pursuit of profit as you want to
more » ... t as you want to put employees first for profit. If this is how HR explains their employee engagement policies to organizations the board will surely support majority of the policies willingly (Goleman, 1995; Cherniss, 2010). The focus of this research is on the thorough literature consolidation of emotional intelligence, organization development and its relationship with profit generation for the service industry. Many researchers have worked on various domains, like the human resource management systems and practices in India (Budhwar et al. 2006), researchers like Gardener, 2012; , Petrides, 2007 have carried out research in the area of customer expectations and customer perceptions of service quality both in India and abroad but very few researches are targeted towards benefits of emotionally intelligent staff, teams, management and systems to organization's profitability. The research focuses on using the secondary data comprising of published and unpublished paper and electronic sources to collect information. Structured training which focuses on behavioral transformation first will enable the HR to groom the frontline employees so that their performance will include an aspect of extra role performance behavior along with the role-prescribed behavior leading to better customer relationship management and better profitability for the firm. All over the world the researchers, scientist are paying attention to this kind of transformation of an individual into an emotionally intelligent person (Kanwar, 2009).