Adaptación y calidad tecnológica de la variedad de frijol Negro Tacana

Ernesto López, Noé Becerra, Octavio Cano, Dora Zaleta, Jorge Acosta
2016 Agronomía Mesoamericana  
In this paper the results obtained with a uniform yield trial including 22 bean genotypes grown in three states of Mexico are presented. Under experimental conditions, bred line DOR 390 resulted outstanding for its wide adaptation, high and stable yield (1041 kg/ha, bi=1.0 Sd2i=0) Under farmer's conditions, DOR 390 (1214 kg/ha) was superior to commercial cvs, Negro Cotaxtla 91 (1142 kg/ha) and Jamapa (867 kg/ha); at neight locations of the humid tropics in the States of Tamaulipas, Veracruz and
more » ... lipas, Veracruz and Chiapas, DOR 390 proved to be highly resistant in comparison to Negro Huasteco 81. Comparing Dor 390 to bred cvs. and landraces of the same commercial class, tropical black, Dor 390 showed and average protein content of 25%, on a dry weight basis, and the highest fiber content of the seven genotypes evaluated. DOR 390 was registered as a new cultivar in 1993, and made available to the farmers of the humid tropics in 1994, under the name of "Negro Tacana".
doi:10.15517/am.v7i1.24785 fatcat:3pdxr3hzybfqhdfk444zat34we