An autonomic architecture to manage Ubiquitous Computing networks and applications

John Strassner, Sven van der Meer, Brendan Jennings, Miguel Ponce de Leon
2009 2009 First International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks  
The current Internet, while successful in many aspects, has a set of associated architectural and business problems that threaten its stability and inhibit new advances, such as seamlessly supporting Ubiquitous Computing applications. This paper proposes a set of autonomic mechanisms that can manage the Future Internet. The context-aware governance features of this approach are particularly suitable for also enabling Ubiquitous Computing applications. The vast majority of current UbiComp
more » ... tions are not directly considered by many of the current studies on the Future Internet, as evidenced by the lack of focus on techniques for enabling machines to effectively cooperate with each other, let alone understand things in the world (including human wishes). A machine-understandable representation of business and network concepts, along with an ability to negotiate services and functionality to serve competing interests of users and applications in a domain, is required. Otherwise, machines will remain isolated from each other, and the vision of UbiComp applications will not be realized. Given the vast diversity in programming models and languages for representing operational and management data, a common knowledge representation is needed that enables the communication of not just static data, such as performance and configuration information, but also semantic information that describes the business objectives that the network services are intended to satisfy. This enables the machine-based translation of these objectives into different vendor-specific languages; it also facilitates the use of machine-based learning and reasoning approaches that can be used to seamlessly connect the world of people with the world of machines. 978-1-4244-4216-4/09/$25.00
doi:10.1109/icufn.2009.5174296 fatcat:4jnz2ormkfgp3ksnodf7frudlm