Electrochemical analysis of anionic analytes in weakly supported media using electron transfer promotion effect: a case study on nitrite

Alireza Khoshroo, Ali Fattahi
2020 Scientific Reports  
In this study, a simple technique was developed for the electrochemical detection of anionic analytes in weakly supported media. This was conducted by the use of electrochemical paper-based analytical devices (ePADs). A sensing platform was modified with nereistoxin and used to determine nitrite as a case study. The electrochemical response was improved due to the accelerated electron transfer between the sensing platform and the nitrite through the electrostatic interaction of the amino group
more » ... of the amino group of nereistoxin and the nitrite. The electrocatalytic current of the nitrite in the presence of nereistoxin was enhanced in the weakly supported media. By using nereistoxin as a signal enhancer, 97% of the electrochemical signal was obtained at the low ionic strength of the electrolyte, while less than 35% of this signal was obtained in the absence of nereistoxin. The limit of detection was as low as 20 nM using an ePAD. Generally, the proposed ePAD serves as a promising, efficient and low-cost device for sensing applications in weakly supported media.
doi:10.1038/s41598-020-71365-4 pmid:32883970 fatcat:4zxixdeca5gd3bt2c3n72ux7m4