Effects of Particle Properties on Agglomerate Formation of Fine Particles in Vibrating Fluidized Bed

2018 Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation ANNUAL REPORT  
The knowledge of the agglomerates formation from fine particles in the fluidized bed is essential in the powder handling. It is known that fine particles exhibit the unique agglomeration behavior. In this study, the effects of particle properties on the agglomerate formation in the vibrating fluidized bed were investigated using custom-made apparatus. ZnO, TiO 2 rutile, and TiO 2 anatase powder were used as tested powders. The formation mechanism of agglomerates in the vibrating fluidized bed
more » ... s clarified by the observation using a high-speed camera. In addition, changes in powder layer height and pressure loss were measured. Based on the obtained results, changes in agglomerate size were calculated using Ergun equation, and agglomerate formation was evaluated.
doi:10.14356/hptf.16119 fatcat:eoroymsrure6xjkukg4lxge74a