Development of a new time and position resolving detector for the pulsed low energy positron system PLEPS

U Ackermann, W Egger, P Sperr, B Löwe, L Ravelli, G Kögel, G Dollinger, O Jagutzki
2013 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The pulsed low energy positron system PLEPS at the Munich research reactor FRM-II is a user facility for depth resolved positron lifetime measurements. Besides positron lifetime measurements 2D-AMOC (Two Dimensional Age Momentum Correlation) experiments are also possible. 2D-AMOC provides in coincidence the lifetime of the positron and the longitudinal momentum distribution of the annihilated electron. It would be of great scientific concern to measure simultaneously the entire 3D-momentum
more » ... re 3D-momentum distribution of the electron annihilating with the positron and the corresponding lifetime of the positron (4D-AMOC). To perform 4D-AMOC measurements a time and position resolving detector is required in coincidence with a pixelated Germanium detector. Therefore a time and spatially resolving detector is currently developed at our institute with envisaged time resolution of 100 ps (FWHM) and a spatial resolution of about 2.6 mm (FWHM) over an area of 12 cm². First test measurements have been carried out with a 25 mm diameter MCP (Micro Channel Plate) image intensifier and with special delay-line anode readout for the spatial information. Up to now 178 ps (FWHM) time resolution and on average 3.4 mm (FWHM) position resolution have been achieved with BaF 2 as scintillator material and a 60 Co source.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/443/1/012095 fatcat:glqzhxz245eetnmdmnp5s6fqsy