Microwave-assisted continuous flow synthesis on industrial scale

Roman Morschhäuser, Matthias Krull, Christoph Kayser, Cornelia Boberski, Ralf Bierbaum, Peter A. Püschner, Toma N. Glasnov, C. Oliver Kappe
2012 Green Processing and Synthesis  
A continuous fl ow microwave system based on a transmission line short-circuited waveguide reactor concept is described. The continuous fl ow reactor is capable of operating in a genuine high-temperature/high-pressure process window (310 ° C/60 bar), applying a microwave transparent and chemical resistant cylindrical γ -Al 2 O 3 tube as reaction zone. The system can be operated in an extremely energy effi cient manner, utilizing 0.6 -6 kW microwave power (2.45 GHz). The application of the
more » ... cation of the reactor for processing four chemical transformations in a high-temperature/high-pressure regime with a throughout of 3.5 -6.0 l/h is demonstrated.
doi:10.1515/gps-2012-0032 fatcat:y2oo5dmsr5brnnkclbjyhbrkpa