A handover strategy in the LEO satellite constellation networks with ISLs

Gang Liu, Dingyong Gou, Shiqi Wu, Chih-Lin I, Jiann-An Tsai, Hequan Wu
2004 Wireless Communications and Networks  
A new handover strategy named minimal-hops handover(MHH) strategy for the low earth orbit(LEO) satellite constellations networks equipped with inter-satellite links(ISLs) is proposed. MHH strategy, which is based on the hops of the end-to-end connection paths and makes good use of the regularity of the constellation network topology, can appropriately combine the handover procedure with routing and efficiently solve the inter-satellite handover issue. Moreover, MHH strategy can provide quality
more » ... f services(QoS) guarantees to some extent. The system performances of the MHH strategy, such as time propagation delay and handover frequency, are evaluated and compared with that of other previous strategies. The simulation results show that MHH strategy performs better than other previous handover strategies. Key words low earth orbit(LEO) satellite-based constellation networks; time propagation delay; quality of services (QoS); inter-satellite link (ISL); inter-satellite handover
doi:10.1117/12.523149 fatcat:7iouenl37ncznphak4ictotaia