Linear modal analysis of free vibrations in multi-layered axisymmetric cylindrical shell using FEM

G. Suganthi, S. Karthikeyan, M. Kannan
2022 AIP Conference Proceedings  
A Multi-layered composite cylindrical shell made up of homogeneous isotropic piezoelectric and pyroelectric layer is considered for harmonic wave propagation and axisymmetric vibration respectively. The linear constitutive equations are developed based on coupled mechanical field, thermal field and electrical field. Six-noded isoparametric shape functions are used to model the shell structure. Frequency equations are derived for the thermally induced and traction free surfaces with continuity
more » ... nditions using Galerkin approach. The damped frequencies are obtained in complex form (a+ib) for the different layer combinations like B/F/B and F/B/F under axisymmetric modes using Mat lab software. The numerical results are carried out for Barium Titanate (B) and Cobalt Ferrite (F) in the form of data. The dispersion curves are drawn for different modes in different stacking sequences. The accuracy and convergence are obtained by increasing the number of mesh elements in finite element analysis (FEM) are discussed.
doi:10.1063/5.0110183 fatcat:gh7r5pc2anemvhcdcwkhh3nhqu