Interplay between superconductivity and antiferromagnetism in a multilayered system

H. T. Quan, Jian-Xin Zhu
2011 Physical Review B  
Based on a microscopic model, we study the interplay between superconductivity and antiferromagnetism in a multi-layered system, where two superconductors are separated by an antiferromagnetic region. Within a self-consistent mean-field theory, this system is solved numerically. We find that the antiferromagnetism in the middle layers profoundly affects the supercurrent flowing across the junction, while the phase difference across the junction influences the development of antiferromagnetism
more » ... ntiferromagnetism in the middle layers. This study may not only shed new light on the mechanism for high-T_c superconductors, but also bring important insights to building Josephson-junction-based quantum devices, such as SQUID and superconducting qubit.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.83.064508 fatcat:zbkp34fjjjg57lh7mt4gokyisq