Muslim Teachers' Experiences with Race and Racism in Quebec Secondary Schools

Naved Bakali
Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education   unpublished
This qualitative study examines the experiences and attitudes of three Muslim teachers working in Quebec secondary schools in the post-9/11 context. Interviews with these teachers were analyzed in light of recent nationalist debates, which have positioned Muslims as eroding traditional Quebecois values and culture. This study aimed to explore these teachers' experiences of racism/prejudice towards Muslims and Islam, while working in Quebec English public secondary schools. While other studies
more » ... ve examined the experiences of Muslim and other racialized youths' experiences with racism in secondary schools, this study uniquely examines the experiences of Muslim teachers who work in these institutions. The findings of this study indicate that teachers' experiences with anti-Muslim sentiment appear to be connected to wider discourses surrounding both the War on Terror in the North American context as well as to domestic Quebec state policies and nationalist debates.This inquiry is relevant as it contributes to a greater understanding of Muslim teacher experiences of race and racism and suggests a potential connection between these teachers' experiences and other research highlighting Muslims' post-911 experiences. This article may be of interest to researchers, teachers, and teacher educators interested in stimulating dialogue and debate surrounding critical and anti-racist education.