Breast cancer pathology, types of neoplasia and number of cases in a General Surgery Department

2019 Applied Medical Informatics  
Quality of Life (QOL) is a complex concept considered a construct with many different facets which has a strong impact in the socio-medical field. Diagnosis of breast cancer or any other type of neoplasm, together with the manifestation forms and the modern therapeutic schemes it causes a major mental stress on the individual which can be manifested by emotional instability, the tendency of abandonment, or low therapeutic compliance, all of these can negatively affect the QOL of the oncologic
more » ... of the oncologic patient. Objectives: Our study aim is to determine the number and the types of breast cancer pathology encountered in the activity performed within department of general surgery I for a period of 2 years: 2017-2018. Method and materials: In order to attend our objective the study design is retrospective observational and we used descriptive statistical analysis of the surgical activity in patients with breast cancer within surgery department I of Emergency Clinical County Hospital of Oradea for the period 2017-2018. Results: In 2017, 32 surgeries were performed for breast neoplasm (n=32), in 2018, 12 surgeries for breast neoplasm were performed (n=12), in the analyzed period, the most vulnerable age category was found to be between 46-55 years old (36.4%), the most common type of neoplasm encountered was infiltrative breast carcinoma (36.4%), followed by mixed ductal and lobular carcinoma with a frequency of 10%. The most commonly encountered secondary diagnoses were: obesity, axillary adenopathy, high blood pressure, and fibrocystic mastosis. Radical surgery – total mastectomy - suffered a number of 10 patients (22.7%) and partial surgery - section - there were 20 patients (45.4%). Thus, due to the early diagnosis of neoplasia, conservative surgery is preferred, which has a much lower impact on the QOL of the oncological patient.
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