Rivista semestrale di Storia e Politica Internazionali Eunomia VI n.s

2017 unpublished
The First World War represented a radical break in the international relations of the previous era, and 1917 was a decisive turning point in the history of the Great War and more generally in global history. The positions and roles of the different Latin American states in that historical conjuncture are usually less known. Until the beginning of 1917 the Americas remained neutral, but the guidelines began to change following the expansion of the Germany's submarine war and after the
more » ... telegram" sent to Mexico were made public. The subsequent intervention of the United States influenced the Latin American countries. There was a fracture between interventionists and neutralists, particularly between Brazil and Argentina. The transformations resulting from the conflict and the positions held by the Latin American countries in 1917-1918 played a significant role in their domestic political life and conditioned their international postwar collocation.