Evaluation of Macroscopic Elastic Properties of Porous Compacts Prepared by Powder Pressure Sintering for Biomedical Implant

2007 Journal of Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering  
Macroscopic elastic properties of porous compacts prepared by applying uniaxial pressure in powder sintering are numerically estimated, with their biomedical application in mind. The estimation is based on a three step simulation method similar to the previous one. It is found that the compaction by the pressure and the sintering lead to increase in the macroscopic elastic moduli in the pressure direction, which is made to coincide with that of gravity in packing. It is also found that these
more » ... found that these moduli are larger than those in the direction normal to the pressure by 20% to 40%. Those for the less sintered compacts whose porosity ranges from approximately 32% to 37 % fall in those of human cortical bone and show similar behavior to those of artificial implants.
doi:10.1299/jmmp.1.287 fatcat:7am3oxwp5zadflc3cc53ehni4i