2020 Trakya Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi  
Institutions do not only limit their activities within the framework of their missions and visions. In addition, they continue their social responsibility activities. Social responsibility is for institutions to act in the interest of society, taking into account ethical values. Education is one of the most important social institutions that shape the fields of activity in this direction. Education is a social institution that ensures social equality and transitions between social classes.
more » ... individuals can move from lower socio-economic level to upper classes. This mobility takes place not only with the functions of educational institutions but also with social responsibility projects of institutions. In this context, Trakya University carries out projects for the quality and continuity of the education life of disadvantaged students with low socio-economic level. One of these is the "You Are My Future" project. The project is based on the idea that music education plays an important role in the psychological development of the child as well as his mental functions, and the child, who provides internal satisfaction through music education, gains both a healthy spiritual development and a proper personality structure. This project study is presented as a case study. In this study, with the project titled "You are My Future", which was carried out within Trakya University, it was investigated how positive changes in disadvantaged children by taking instrument and singing training.
doi:10.26468/trakyasobed.646641 fatcat:5jx2v54t6rgola5pwzparlbfii