Analysis and Cloud Point Extraction of Trace Copper (II) in Urine of Occupational Workers

Mouyed Khudhair Hassan, Ahmed Fadhil Khudhair
2018 Asian Journal of Chemistry  
For pre-concentration, cloud-point extraction method is used to extract and determine the trace amount of copper element present in urine samples and analyzed by using UV-visible spectrophotometry and flame atomic absorption spectrometry techniques, when copper reacted with salicylaldoxime by using Triton X-114 as non-ionic surfactant to form the complex. The most important factors studied in present work are the order of additions, pH values, the concentration of salicylaldoxime, temperature
more » ... xime, temperature and appropriate time of extraction process. Other factors studied were the effect of types and concentration of Triton X-114 as non-ionic surfactant. The scatter curve was in the range of 0.50-16.00 µg/L with r 2 = 0.9979 for UV-visible spectrophotometer (λmax = 380 nm). The LOD was 0.103 µg/L. The RSD for six replicates was found to be 4.917 %. This method was applied successfully to determine copper(II) contents in 44 urine samples of occupational workers.
doi:10.14233/ajchem.2019.21567 fatcat:v7ved62ktfha5caaydjrmqagfq