Content Based E Mail Classification

Sonal Chakole, Sarita Padole, Apurva Kamble, Vandana Wadekar, Ankit Dhande
2021 International Journal of Scientific Research in Science Engineering and Technology  
Electronic Mail (E-mail) has established a significant place in information user's life. Mails are used as a major and important mode of information sharing because emails are faster and effective way of communication. Email plays its important role of communication in both personal and professional aspects of one's life. The rapid increase in the number of account holders from last few decades and the increase in the volume of mails have generated various serious issues too. The content base
more » ... The content base mail classification can be classified into four ways namely Private, Public, Newsletter, and Anonymous. Every user has the right to choose their keyword (a semi-private password). Those contacts who know the user's keyword will be classified as private contacts and those users who are unknown them classified anonymous contacts. A contact can be classified as public or private, upon verification of an anonymous contact. Any newsletter or group mails are classified into newsletter contacts. It is highly likely that the rests are junk mail or spam. In this project, a spam detector to identify an email as either spam or ham is built using n-gram analysis. The system involves the classification of mails based on user's contacts. This way any mail from a contact whom the user knows very well is being displayed.
doi:10.32628/ijsrset218323 fatcat:sb42hjln7vbxtacdh3yuyat7dm