Electric currents from zinc and carbon in water

1858 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
Electric Currents from Zinc and Carbon in Water. 53 A luminous drawing traced with phosphorus upon a sheet of white paper, without exposure to the light, will impress the sensitive paper very rapidly, but if a plate of glass is interposed, there is no action. The same effects are produced by fluoride of calcium (fluor-spar,) rendered phosphorescent by heat. These are the principal facts which I have observed. Space is wanting to enumerate all the experiments that I have made ; there remain
more » ... ; there remain still many more to make, and I therefore publish this note without waiting to make it more complete. I think, that I may be permitted to hope that my new mode of exhibiting properties of light heretofore scarcely suspected or imperfectly established, will attract the attention of physicists, and lead to important researches.--Cosmos.
doi:10.1016/0016-0032(58)90187-x fatcat:4pk2minq3nbgnaymjw65ven4zi