Solution of Dirac Equation with Modified Hylleraas Potential under Spin and Pseudospin Symmetry

Akpan N. Ikot, E. Maghsoodi, Oladunjoye O. Awoga, S. Zarrinkamar, H. Hassanabadi
2014 Quantum Physics Letters  
We obtain the bound energy spectrum and the corresponding generalized hypergeometric wave functions of the Dirac equation for modified-Hylleraas potential under spin and pseudospin symmetry limits within the framework of the Alhaidari-formalism. This is accomplished by approximating the spin-orbital term in the Dirac equation rather than the orbital term in the resulting Schr?dinger-like equation using the modified parametric generalization of the Nikiforovmethod.
doi:10.12785/qpl/030102 fatcat:p5o3ye7ktfhxxf2abyfhmtimvi