Dispositivos de disciplinamento e controle na formação de professores

Robson Carlos Loureiro, Luciana de Lima
2020 Conjectura filosofia e educação  
Teacher formation can be analyzed from various perspectives. In this article we aim to focus teacher formation as a political instrument of manipulation and control of the rationalities and subjectivities of the subjects in formation. It seeks to understand this domination over its students. It is a strategic exercise of biopower exerted by a dominant government. This training role seems to be one of the main motivating factors for graduation and continuing teacher training in Brazil. The
more » ... n Brazil. The mobilization of the rationalities and subjectivities expected by governmentality generates stratifications in the relations between the actors involved with education, creating definite groups of cooperation and disruptions between the subjects. Training as a space for manifestation of disciplinary devices and power are identified in teacher training actions and correspond to the stratification and maintenance of biopower to control the individual's rationalities and subjectivities. The goal of this study is to analyze the conditions of the existence of the power exerted over the teacher training. It seeks to recognize three strategic ways through which these disciplines devices are exerted. The first happens in relation to the positioning of trainers and trainees in ethnic, social and religious issues that establish ethical and moral standards acceptable to governmentality. The second, by the forms of domination exerted in the teaching formations that tend to separate individuals from their intellectual products and subjectivities. The third, by the forms of subjection practiced in relation to the individual mobilized externally by the institutions or internally by the individual himself submitted to the training process, ensuring his submission to the dominant biopower.
doi:10.18226/21784612.v25.e020008 fatcat:wefrz3jajvgqbcglsf3j7vfl4q