Psychologia opisowa na nowo odczytana? Szkic o metodzie w filozofii Leopolda Blausteina

Witold Płotka
2020 Studia Philosophica Wratislaviensia  
The main purpose of the article is to define the framework in which one can situate Leopold Blaustein's philosophy. The author focuses on the question of the method which is used by Blaustein and he situates it in the historical-philosophical context. The article defends the thesis that Blaustein uses a method which can be labelled as a phenomenologically oriented descriptive psychology that is close to, though not identical with, Edmund Husserl's project as formulated in the first edition of
more » ... s Logical Investigations and that is connected to Husserl's 1925 lectures on the phenomenological psychology. The article is divided into four parts. In the first part, the author disputes the one-sided classifications of Blaustein's philosophy either as a continuator of the analytical tradition of the Lvov-Warsaw School, or as a mere repetition of Husserl's achievements. In the next part, the author sketches an intellectual biography of Blaustein and on this basis he defines the context in which one has to situate this thought. In this regard, two further parts of the article are devoted to two sources of inspiration for Blaustein. In the third part, a selection of methods and concepts of descriptive psychology are examined, and in the last part of the article, references to Husserl's phenomenology are explored.
doi:10.19195/1895-8001.15.1.6 fatcat:akomeeifr5bqjpyj3qsvlcx6aq